SEO and web design: What you should know

One of the most important SEO tips that you will ever hear, is paying close attention to your site’s web design. You might not know it, but design plays a very important part in how a page is ranked by various search sites, even those not as popular as Google. This means that if you want your page to rank highly, you will have to make sure that it is designed according to some important guidelines set by the ranking algorithms. So let’s see what you should know when designing or improving your site.

Thinking of hiring a designer? Check his work first!

You wouldn’t hire the first SEO company that pops up after a simple internet search, would you? Well, the same should be done with web designers. Ask to see their portfolio, see which sites they have worked on and how well they have ranked. Remember, a site doesn’t have to look very good in order to get good rankings. If a designer designs beautiful pages that don’t get high ranking even on Bing, then he is not the one for you.

SEO and design

Rankings should be at the heart of your web design

If you want your page to rank highly, then you should design it specifically for that purpose. Search engine optimization is easier to implement when designing a site from scratch. This way your optimization will seem more “natural” and you won’t spend time designing a page that will need to be improved later in order to appeal better to Yahoo and other sites like that.

Websites nowadays should be dynamic

Anyone who is into internet marketing knows very well that most people today “surf the web” on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. In order for a page to appear on the top of the results page on Google, it needs to be able to be displayed properly in mobile devices. Websites that can be displayed correctly on both computers and mobile devices are called dynamic. EVERY website designed nowadays MUST be dynamic. If a designer is not good with dynamic sites, don’t hire him!

Add images and videos

Any SEO specialist will tell you that videos and images are great to get your message across your visitors, because nobody likes reading long texts today, regardless of how useful or relevant they might be. This is why they play a very important role in a site’s ranking. Make sure that your designer adds images and videos to the pages of your website. To make those images and videos even more SEO friendly, you should integrate your site’s main keyword in their descriptions.

Go easy on the java scripts

Some web designers overdo it with JavaScripts by adding them pretty much everywhere. Using them is not prohibited as far as rankings are concerned, but their overuse can and will harm your rankings. An SEO expert knows that search engines use crawlers to index pages and websites. If a web site’s design is overloaded with JavaScripts, the crawlers will not be able to index it correctly.