Top 5 Best SEO Tools

Top 5 Best SEO Tools have to use for your Campaigns

The five SEO tools that every SEO expert needs

We all know and accept that having a beautiful and functional website and killer content, is not enough to get traffic to your website or to raise your conversion rate. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO can be very complicated and time consuming, but it’s also an absolutely necessary process. It needs to be carried out and it needs to do so in a precise and careful manner, otherwise you might end up getting your website penalized and losing any traffic boost you got up to that point.This is the time for  SEO Experts to plan a Digital Strategy.

How does one go about optimizing a website though? Well, the answer is simple: by using the right tools for the job. These tools will help you figure out what needs fixing in your website, which of its aspects or factors should be improved and they can even help you remove some of the problems in an instant. Long story short, whether you are a professional or an amateur SEO, you will need a basic set of tools to do your job. The good news is that there are many such tools available for free. What kind of tools should you be looking for, though? Let’s find out!

1.       Keyword tools

No matter how much the world of SEO changes, some things will always remain the same. One of those things, is the importance of keywords. Simply put, your SEO strategy should be based on carefully selected keywords and phrases, which will help you target specific searches related to your website. Keyword tools will help you find keywords and will even steer you towards the ones that you should select. This selection and what you will do with the selected words, is up to you. Google’s Keyword planner is one of the most famous and widely used keyword tools and is available for free.

2.       Content tools

They say that content will always be king as far as SEO is concerned, this is because, as many experts will attest, all SEO strategies and techniques are based on content. Buy how big should your content be? What if your site has duplicate content or if your new content is essentially the same as content already existing in your website’s pages? Well, you will then get penalized. Thanks to content tools however, this won’t happen. They won’t write your content for you, but they will help you keep it original and they will get rid of duplicate content for you. In other words, they will make your content more effective. Outdated Content Finder is an excellent free content tool.

3.       Ranking tools

Keeping track of your rankings is essential and critical while experimenting with new techniques or implementing new strategies, since it essentially tells you how well those techniques and strategies are performing and whether they should be tweaked and how. When it comes to ranking tools, Google Search Console is absolutely essential and it’s also free! Google’s tool is one of the best in the internet and it can provide you with tons of metrics and data for your website. Don’t start any SEO strategy without it!

4.       Link building tools

Although Google looks down on link building, because of the so called “black hat SEOs” that tried to game the system, links are still an important ranking factor. It might not be as prevalent as it once was, but its impact is still significant. One of the easiest and most effective LEGIT ways to build links, is the “broken link” technique and the competitors backlinks replicate: you find broken links in a website, bring them up to its admin and ask for a link in return for saving their butts from a Panda penalty. Tools like the LinkMiner plugin can help you implement this technique.

5.       Link removal tools

Should any “illegal” links be found in your website during a Panda Audit, you will be heavily penalized and your rankings will plummet. This is why you should check your links with a link removal tool which will find and remove dead or “blacklisted” i.e. links associated with black hat methods. Tools like Google’s free Disavow tool will help you get rid of the offenders even after you have been busted, thus giving you a chance to start over with the next audit.

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