What’s SEO and why your site NEEDS it

If you have any sort of website and you don’t know what SEO in Greece is and how much it can help you, then you are simply not taking full advantage of it. So, first things first: what is SEO? Well, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is essentially about making search engines “like” your site. But how do you do that and why is it so important? Well, let’s find out.




One of the longest running jokes of people working on the internet goes like this: “the best place to hide a dead body, is the second page of the results of a Google search.”. Just think about how many times you didn’t just click on the very first link that appeared on the page with the results of your search.

Have you ever visited the second page? Probably not… Well, folks, the hard truth is that no matter how excellent, valuable all useful your content is, if it doesn’t rank high in search engine result pages, it might as well not exit at all.

Here’s where an SEO expert will step in. Like I said above, his job is to make all search engines, from Google to Bing, “like” your website, in order for them to rank it higher. This is done by fine tuning the site’s design, structure and its contents in order to make it more “compatible” with the ranking algorithm employed by pretty much all search engines. This algorithm defines the order in which the results of a search appear to the user. It is essentially a list of criteria. The more criteria a site meets, the higher the search engines will rank it.

SEO expert

This algorithm is of course terribly complex and consists of hundreds of tiny details and fine points. Its purpose is to ensure that the user will always get the best results for his searches from the best and most user friendly websites.

Furthermore, it is always changing to reflect the current progress in technology and internet use trends. Google and other companies that specialize in web searches wouldn’t be worth billions of dollars otherwise. Long story short, search engines are like ushers or traffic wardens: the more they like you (and by “you” I mean your site) the more traffic (i.e. visitors) they will send your way. This is why SEO is so important!

Who needs SEO?

Well, the short answer to this question is EVERYONE WITH A WEBSITE! Yes, regardless of whether your site is commercial or just a blog, if you want people to find and visit it, you need to do some SEO work on it, in order to make it more friendly for the various search engines out there.

Does that mean that everyone needs to hire an SEO expert?

Well, not exactly. If your site is not commercial, then you can just apply the web design and SEO tips that you will find in this website to improve your rankings. If you are a business owner however, you might need to hire a Chicago SEO Expert in order to make sure that your site and its design will always be “up to code” since the algorithm used by search engines is always changing and evolving. Our articles will help you optimize your site yourself or find the right expert to take care of this job for you.

What about the site’s design?

Well, a site’s design is one of the most important ranking factors. Search engines like Yahoo LOVE sites that are well designed and easy to navigate. If your pages are full of JavaScripts and the structure of your site is too complicated and convoluted, then the crawlers used by the search engines will have trouble indexing all of your content and, as a result, your rankings will suffer.

A good web designer knows what to do and, most importantly what to NOT do, in order to help your site rank as high as possible. Our website is here to help you make sure that your site is always as user friendly as possible. We will also help you choose the right web designer should you need one.

What happens after I rank first on Google?

Getting to the number one position is one thing, staying there, is another. Like we said earlier, the ranking algorithm is always changing, so you need someone to make sure that your site will always meet the new criteria that will be added to algorithm. SEO experts like Richard Conover http://www.thinktankseo.ca/ know which of those criteria are the most important but, thanks to their deep knowledge and understanding of internet marketing, they can also predict the changes that will be made to the algorithm, way before they are actually implemented. This means that they can tweak sites to meet them even before they become part of the algorithm! In the technology section of our site, you will find everything about the latest technological advances and the trends that are most likely to affect the algorithm and your rankings.